Car News

The Porsche Carrera GT

Up until the release of the 918 Spyder, this Carrera GT was the fastest Porsche ever made and depending on who you ask, it may still be the best looking. Under the hood is a 5.7L V10 paired with a 6-speed manual transmission that isn’t all that easy to drive. Once you get it up […]

Wine News

A Wine Fermenting Robot

Dr.Donato Lanai of Enosis Applied-Research Center in Fubine, Italy, has created Genesis. A smart wine fermentor that monitors the fermentation process very closely for small 100 pound batches to optimize flavor and texture. Lanati created the Gensis to vinify grapes from various Italian regions (Piedmont, Calabria, Sicily, etc.) and his experimental vineyards. The Genesis is […]