A Look at 2016 – A New Age for Wine

As the rest of the world changes, so does the world of wine. Apps, like WineRing, will help you find new favorite wines, “wine red” has become a color for fashionable shoes, and the French are beginning to make English Sparkling Wine.

2016’s top grape… Cabernet Franc

In France’s Loire Valley, the cabernet franc is the most popular red grape. It’s been rising in popularity from Chile, to California, and even south Africa. The grape delivers a very food-friendly flavor and helps lower alcohol with higher acidity when dded to merlot/cab franc blends.

English Sparkling Wines will be buzzed about

Early in December, Taittinger, the French champagne house made an announcement that they would be producing sparkling wines from a vineyard in Kent under the label of Domaine Evremond. Smaller labels have been producing in England for a while but not many bottles have been exported. That’ll surely change in 2016 with Taittinger taking the reigns.

Move over Food Trucks. Wine Trucks are coming in France.

In Saint-Emilion, France, a few wine connoisseurs have created wine truck out of a 1976 Citroen panel truck. The pop-up tasting room has 15 stops planned for jazz festivals, wine fairs and more throughout France in 2016. The driver, who is also a sommelier, will be rotating through 16 wines, alongside other winemakers who will join at every stop. It shouldn’t be long before we see similar wine trucks in Napa Valley.

Wine truck in France

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Ben Revzin