3 Places to Never Keep Your Wine

•In your refrigerator

Most refrigerators are set to somewhere around 35° which is much cooler than the recommend 55° which we have our Wine Lockers set to here at AutoVino. A big issue with regular refrigerators is the lack of moisture, which usually leads to the drying out of the cork and letting air into the bottle, which would then oxidize the wine.

•Above the stove

If the bottle reaches 77 degrees, the wine inside gets “cooked” which results in drastic flavor change and a taste more similar to sweet vinegar than delicious wine. Take a look at your wine rack to make sure it’s not on the same side of the kitchen as the oven/stove.

•On a window sill

UV light is a major deterrent to wine, hence most wine bottles are black, to act as “sunglasses” for your wine. Keep this in mind when shopping for your next bottle of wine, don’t grab the bottle by the window.

•The best spots to store wine at home

Your closet or your basement make great spots to store wine, the lack of light and consistent temperatures can help keep your wines in their best condition. If you have the space for it, keep the bottle sideways so the liquid is up against the cork, which can help maintain the cork.

•Our recommendation

Let your local professionals at AutoVino assist in preserving your fine wines.  Don’t risk the chance of ruining your investment.

Please contact us for quotes on wine lockers.

Ben Revzin