50 Years of The Lamborghini Miura

761 beautiful Lamborghini Miuras (also known as P-400S) came off the factory floor in Italy between 1966 and 1973. The mid-engined design was revolutionary, the first time a 12-cylinder engine was put into a sports car behind the passengers. To fit into the rear of the car, Lamborghini side-mounted the V12 which put out 360 horsepower to the rear wheels. To commemorate its half-century anniversary, we’d like to share our favorite videos of the 43 inch tall Miura.

First up is this great walk-through of the Miura by Jerry Seinfeld (with a special appearance from Chris Rock)

Second is a video made with local car collector Dennis Varni. Varni’s shop is located in San Jose, California and they teamed up with the Petrolocious team to create this beautiful video exploring the sounds and history of the Miura. Pay close attention to the interior in this video, you’ll notice things like the unique position of the ignition key switch in the center console near the gated shifter.


And of course at number three, we had to include the 2009 bit from Top Gear.

The Miura was a revolutionary car that shaped so many of the cars we have on display here today. If it weren’t for the team of seven sub-30 year olds working after hours at Lamborghini, the Miura would not have been created and supercars might not be the same today.

Featured photo by Jeremy Cliff.

Ben Revzin