Choosing Wines With an App

Wine Ring - the app

Finding wines to meet your specific taste isn’t the easiest task. Pam Dillon is trying to make it easier, with her new company Wine Ring, Inc. the creators of a personalized wine menu iPhone app.

Wine Ring is the newest Wine app to market, and so far, the only one set to help you find your next favorite wine. The concept behind the app is pretty simple, take a photo of a wine label, rate the wine and then suggestions based on your previous ratings show up. Over the last 3 years, Wine Ring built up a database of over 500,000 labels, including 50,000 brands from 14,000 geographical areas with thousands of grapes. The website states that after about 12 votes, they’ll have your preferences figured out. Since its launch late last month, the app has been reviewed 23 times with a 4.5-star average rating.

We’re curious to see how well the app can predict your enjoyment of a wine, especially compared to a sommelier. The app is free for both Android and iPhone users.


Ben Revzin