Jay Leno Burning Rubber in a Dodge Charger “Tantrum”

Last week, Jay Leno got behind the wheel of SpeedKore’s 1,650 horsepower 1970 Dodge Charger. Speedkore is the same shop that built up the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda in a movie you may have seen by the name of Furious 7. The beautifully modernized Charger has sleek custom fabricated carbon fiber pieces including the front fenders and hood. The pieces create a beautiful gradient on the car from light gray to jet black. The HRE S104 wheels are 20 inches in the rear and 19 up front, with 14-inch Baer brakes stopping the beast.

Under the hood is a 9 litre Mercury Marine off-road racing engine with 294mm turbos. That’s a 552 cubic-inch engine with 26lbs of boost, where that yields more than enough power to burn through the 345mm rear tires. Jay Leno seems very comfortable applying throttle in most cars, but the Tantrum seems to have him more on the cautious side as he knows once the turbos kick in, the rear tires kick out. The burnout honors were given to the engine builder Dave Salvaggio, who ended the video on a very cloudy scene.

Ben Revzin