The Porsche Carrera GT

Up until the release of the 918 Spyder, this Carrera GT was the fastest Porsche ever made and depending on who you ask, it may still be the best looking.

Under the hood is a 5.7L V10 paired with a 6-speed manual transmission that isn’t all that easy to drive. Once you get it up to speed though, it becomes a blast. Getting to 62mph takes 3.3 seconds thanks to the 612 brake horsepower.

Back in 2008, the GT was able to get up to 205mph. It was also the fastest car around the Top Gear test track with The Stig behind the wheel; faster than Mercedes/McLaren’s SLR!

Porsche Carrera GT at AutoVino in Menlo Park-2

Very few Carrera GTs were made in stunning Guards Red. This particular model has a black interior which adds a beautiful contrast. Up on the rear are two silver accents on the hood which match perfectly to the wheels which have yellow brake calipers. Apart from looking great and being capable of absurdly fast speeds, the Carrera GT provides a driving sensation unlike any other, with a 6-speed manual transmission connected to the world’s first carbon ceramic clutch.

The built-in auto-throttle aid allows movement without applying any throttle. Throttle is only applied once the clutch is fully released and the car is rolling. To see more of the GT in action, take a look at Jeremy Clarkson’s review of it, he sure loved it.


Porsche Carrera GT at AutoVino in Menlo Park-4

Ben Revzin