Record Attendance at the Napa County Pruning Contest

Napa Valley Grapegrowers' Farmworker Foundation

Under wonderful sunny skies, the Napa Valley Grapegrowers’ Farmworker Foundation held its fifteenth Annual Napa County Pruning Contest. The business’ best vineyard specialists tested one another’s specialty, aptitude, and velocity at pruning Napa Valley vineyards. 85 men took an interest in the men’s division and 13 ladies contended in the women’s division.

Starting at 9 a.m. on Beringer Vineyards Gamble Ranch, every contender pruned six Chardonnay vines in the day’s preparatory rivalry. Groups of three judges evaluated the nature of the cuts, which represented 40% of the aggregate score; 60% of the score is the time it took to prune the vines. Six top scoring ladies and eight top scoring men proceeded onward to the finals, where four men and four ladies put as champs.

Most hopefuls were champions of comparative, preparatory rivalries in their working environment vineyards and are range occupants, full time representatives, volunteer to contend and paid her/his standard pay for that day. The yearly Pruning Contest is one of many exercises delivered by NVG’s Farmworker Foundation to bolster vineyard laborers and their families.

After the challenge, everybody appreciated a plentiful taco lunch while celebratory music played. Victors in every division took home more than $4,500 in real money rewards, armfuls of apparatuses, attire, blessing cards, and other important endowments. NVG urges victors’ managers to coordinate their money prizes

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Ben Revzin