The AutoVino Arcade

Although we have many toys stored here at AutoVino, the classic and exotic cars are not exactly designed for interactive entertainment (to say the least!).   For that, we bring in anything and everything our event planners and hosts desire.

For a recent event happy hour event, we brought in a mixture of modern and classic arcade favorites.

Galaxy Quad Air Hockey

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The first game we brought in was the Galaxy Collision QuadAir hockey table. It puts a new spin on the classic air hockey table with four players at once all trying to guard their goal. Once 5 goals have been scored, the player is eliminated, their goal gate goes up and the game continues until a single winner is crowned! The quad air table brought a lot of energy into the room and led to some really close matches.


whac a mole

Since the end of the 70s, whac-a-mole has been a crowd pleaser at arcades everywhere, so we brought one in for the happy hour and positioned it right past the bar near the LaFerrari.

Double Length Foosball Table

foosball table

This extra long foosball table is designed for up to six players to compete in a team building foosball match. Green lighting makes it easier to keep track of the ball, which would usually be tough with this long of a field. This table is over 9 feet long making it lots of fun for players and those who just want to watch.


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What has a more distinct sound than the V12 of a Ferrari? The Pacman arcade game of course! As always, Pacman was a hit and this particular machine offered 2-player mode for multiple classic games including Pacman, Galage and PacMania.

Billiards Table

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Not much needs to be said about the great games that can be played on a pool table. Ours is open for play during wine tastings and many other events.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these games or how we can customize AutoVino for your event, send us a note and we’ll be in touch.

Ben Revzin